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Dr. Denika L. Dalton

Founder and CEO:

Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Denika L. Dalton, DNP, APRN, BSN, AGNP-C

From childhood, Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Denika Dalton, DNP-C, known to her patients as Dr. Dee the NP, has been committed to quality, excellence, achievement, and service to others.

As a young college student, Dee ventured out from her birthplace and home of Flint, Michigan, to experience some southern hospitality while completing a degree in Biology at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. She then returned to her Midwest roots and successfully completed a grueling, exclusive, challenging accelerated Nursing program to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Michigan-Flint.

As a nurse, Dee mastered the art of delivering compassionate, comprehensive, and excellent care, working in many settings including fast-paced, trauma laden, high acuity Emergency Departments and Medical and Trauma ICUs. In the midst of the chaos, however, she never lost focus on the value, humanity, and dignity of each patient. 

Continued Education & Career

Dee is blessed with talent, ability, and ambition, always striving for more and willing to put in hard work.  So it was no surprise that she decided to pursue higher levels in the medical profession, and successfully earned her Doctorate of Nursing Practice from The University of Michigan-Flint, focusing on Primary Care and Adult Gerontology, while also gaining considerable experience in Acute Care and Cardiology.

As a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Dee the NP has developed her knowledge, skills and experience even further as a provider of Aesthetic and Concierge services, obtaining education, training, and credentialing in many aesthetic modalities, and she remains laser focused on patient satisfaction, wellness, and happiness.  Additionally, she has had the opportunity to provide Nursing teaching to nursing students, which she enjoys greatly.  Moreover she has developed valuable relationships through her memberships in professional organizations, academic honor societies, and sororities. 

Dr. Dee the NP has remained grounded in her local community through community service based in sororities and local church congregations. By providing patient care that is effective, efficient, excellent, and compassionate, she has strived to help people live their best life.  This has led her to her current endeavor, Life In 3D Aesthetic Services, a company founded and run by her and her physician husband, with the goal of helping patients to live a more vibrant and full life, and enhance the dimensions of their beauty!  With the blessings of God, the love and support from her husband and kids and family, and her strong desire to provide the most excellent care for her patients, Life In 3D Aesthetic Services is poised and positioned to make a tremendous impact on the community it serves!


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